How to calm yourself when you’re down


When you feel sad or down the first thing that comes to our mind to do is to just breathe in.Just breathe in the positivity.Breathing exercise always helps to rejuvenate the mind.If possible make it a habit.

2. Exercise

A daily work-out leaves you super energetic.Hormones such as endorphin, dopamine etc are released which makes you in a feel good mood.So exercising daily in mornings can change your daily life to a highly proactive one.

3.Listening to Music

Music have the power to change one’s mood.So when you’re sad or down, make sure you listen to songs which are either soothing to the soul or takes your spirit high.Songs which makes you groove to the beats can instantly change your mood.Whearas melodious songs with good motivating lyrics can also bring positivity in you.


If you’re a nature-lover just strolling through a garden can cure the stress and sadness you have.

Science proves that contact with soil can increase your serotonin levels which is a natural anti-depressant.


A Trip to the Andaman islands

Me,my family and friends went to the beautiful Andaman islands 5 years ago.It was indeed a splendid experience.For the first time in my life I did an adventurous activity where I did snorkeling and scuba diving.I saw a school of fish swimming underwater and lots of coral reefs with bright colours. I had to undergo a series of training to finally dive.The trainer taught us sign language in case of any difficulty in breathing.🏊

We lived in a beach resort with palm trees which had a nearby hotel to eat meals.The weather was perfect for a coastal region… breezy with bright sunlight.Then we went to a tropical forest which had a cave in it.When we entered the cave,we saw crystals hanging here and there.The crystals were twinkling like diamonds.The forest had a bridge which connected our way to the cave.Walking through the bridge,we could see the water rippling underneath us.🌳

Next we went to a nearby beach in portblair, the capital town.The sunset was pleasing to the eyes. It was an eye-catching moment.We played in the waters of the beach and soaked ourselves.πŸŒ…

Next day we went to a ship in the Havelock island where we had a great time clicking photos of another beautiful sunset.🚒

Overall it was a memorable trip that I even treasure today.🎫

Optimism,as a way of life

Being an archivist can be hard, especially when you’re feeling down.But making sure that you don’t lose hope in life is the most important thing.

Feeling happy, having a sense of gratitude, above all being optimistic can do wonders in your life.You will then be able to achieve anything in life.

Go explore the hidden talents in you, don’t wait for the opportunities to come.Chase your dreams till you die.

A whole new world will be awaiting you.You just have to open your eyes πŸ‘€

The Voyage

Once in a while,we should visit new places,new people and have experiences to treasure upon.Make a bucket list of whatever you wish to do and try to make it happen.Here are a few suggestions πŸ“

If you’re going to a hill station,try out camping in the mountains at night by a campfire lit to give warmth to yourself πŸ•οΈAnd then there is trekking in the mountains to walk on🏞️ Cable car ride is also an option when it is winter or snowing.🚠

And if it’s a seaside place like islands, you can can always try some water related adventures like skuba diving, snorkeling and kayakingπŸ›Ά

These adventure activities will boost up our confidence and have a sense of accomplishment even though there would be the initial fear.But wherever you go, make the most of the trip filled with adventure and memories.

Life…an unplanned journey

Life is like a train journey..We must decide our own destination.Each of us have different places to go to.It is up to us to decide where to go.

But as the saying goes,”Man proposes,god disposes”, whatever planned or decided by us may not be our destiny.It may be much more beyond our expectations or else somewhere we didn’t expect.In that case, don’t doubt your potential or weaken yourself.Just give your best on whatever you do, hardwork to get on to your destination.

P.S: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade πŸ˜‡πŸ‹πŸΉ

Write a journal a day

Starting a journal entry is like starting the day talking to our best friend.We can sketch down our thoughts on anything.The sky is the limit.

It increases our imagination, vocabulary, fluency of the language.It is more like wending our thoughts, feelings and ideas to someone.Many great leaders started off their day by writing a journal.It is more of a brain exercise.It also gives us the much essential emotional stability that is needed in our life.

So, keep a diary to keep track of your lifeπŸ“’

Books,the Best Campanion for our life time

When we become lonely or just want to enjoy solitude just grab a book of your choice.It maybe a fiction or a self- help book.Whatever subject the book deals with reading is the best way to pass our time.

Reading books not only improves our vocabulary but also changes our perception of viewing life.It rationalizes our thinking capability.

New studies have shown that the lifespan of people who read more often or the people whom we call “bookworms” is 10 times more than that of a normal man.If we make reading our hobby it increases our attention and concentration.

So start reading newspapers and for pleasure read fiction of notable writers.Lean back and read on!πŸ€“